My home base is: Atlanta, Georgia. I do however, regularly make it out to Denver, Dallas and Northern California. I am available for travel world wide.


My photography style is: Photojournalistic. I want the collection of my images to tell the story of you and what makes you unique.


I chose this profession and fell in love with this art form because: I find beauty in the every day and fleeting moments, which in turn enables me to artistically create an image that highlights the everyday beauty in you. I feel inspired to document the beautiful world around me and to put forth work that represents who you are.


When I'm not making photographs, I can be found: outside making adventures. Backpacking, hiking & camping, snowboarding & snowshoeing, kayaking, running, swimming & cycling. 


I share the everyday joy in my life with: my Husband of two years and our Jack Russell Terrier. My Husband enjoys wildlife, landscape and action photography. Photography is not just my job, it's our lifestyle. He'll even tag along on many of my shoots to assist with light modifiers and is my second shooter for large events.