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November 10, 2017  •  1 Comment

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I know everyone is busy creating their shopping lists... from ingredients for meals to prepare, to holiday decor and gifts for friends & family! It also means that all the handmade shops are busy making sure their online presence is PERFECT so that you can have a top notch shopping experience! Now, we all love Etsy, amiright? Well... have you ever been persuaded to either buy or not buy an item due to the way it was photographed? We've been told, by our favorite artisans, that quality professional photographs with the item on both a white background and in use in it's "natural environment" makes ALL the difference in their sales numbers. We love working with other small business owners and creatives, both local and farther away! Below is a brand we have fallen in love with; Plush Pumpkins! This line up of products in particular was designed by our friend Blue Gray Gal, as an exclusive for Plush Pumpkins. The leather metallic pumpkins are my personal favorite; how bout yours?

(also... click HERE to see these beauties styled in a home)


Fairytale Studios(non-registered)
Love the way you have controlled light and shadows in these. They look amazing with the white background especially in your website. I have been trying a lot to control shadows in products but have not been able to get such results.
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